Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm back!

I have not blogged for sooooo long. I must do this more!
So yesterday Cody and I decided to tackle the playroom it was a huge mess.
Here is the before!

I promise we don't live like this, the boys just dumped everything out, and then Cody was looking for some thing and made a bigger mess!
Here is the after,

While we were cleaning I could not find Carter and I later found him here...

So my next project is to go through the boys clothes! Take a look at what my lovely guest bedroom looks like!

I will show you after pics later!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

New start

Ok so today Cody and I got up to go work out! Cody was first out of bed at 5. Then when he got back at 6 I went until 7. I came home a showered really quick, made the bed and put in a load of wash! Then made waffles for the boys. By then we were both ready to start eating so we all sat down and ate breakfast together. Cody fixed his lunch and then headed out the door by 720. It feels so good to be ready to start my day.
Today I'm taking the boys to the splash pad and then we will do a little shopping. You can't go to the Orchard with out shopping! Then tonight I'm going to a wedding with my Grandma so she won't have to go alone! Cody is staying at home with the boys. I'm ready for this weekend! Not much planned for Saturday, maybe a BBQ, but Sunday we are going to go watch Cody's brothers Dean and Shane do the Muddy buddy! Its a muddy race, with bikes, running and crawling in the mud! Then since we will be in Boulder we are taking the boys to get their first hair cuts!!! I really need to charge my camera, but first I need to find it!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A lot to think about!

Ok so this weekend Cody and I went on a little trip alone! Even though I missed the boys so much, it was nice to get away. So my Dad found this book on tape, well CD for Cody and I to listen to on our trip. It the Automatic Millionare by David Bach, I thought it was going to be so lame. I learned a lot from listening, basically in order to finish rich its NOT about being on a budget! Its about the small things, like the latte factor! Its pretty much about saving money instead of spending it on all these little things in life. Like Starbucks, energy drinks, and eating out. Its the $5 dollars here and $5 dollars there that really start to add up. I decided I really need to work on my spending habbits, I'm a big spender because I stay home with the boys and feel like "I'm bored lets go shopping!" He also talks about making this process automatic, have your paycheck automatically set up to take money and put it in the savings acct. ect. I know this is just a little Paragraph on his Chapters of GREAT advice. I just wanted to say that I have given it some really good thought. I'm so ready to make some changes! Ok so this is what our back seat looks like with out, carseats, toys, crumbs, and sippy cups! lol
This was in the hotel we stayed in on the way up to the cabin! lol just in case you want to have a beer while you are going potty! lol
This is on our way, thinking about stuff and listening to David Bach!!
On another note I thought about pictures, baby books, and videos a ton this weekend. I realized that instead of spending so much time watching tv, reading blogs :), and shopping. I want to spend more time working on my memories of this wonderful life I'm living. I look back and I have all these memories in my head, and a house full of meanless crap I bought! Who cares what my house looks like, I was so worried about what other people thought that I was spending all this money and time making it look good! I decided this weekend I'm going to focus more on the things that I can look back and smile that I made the right decision! That is photo albums, scrapbooks, videos of the boys, baby books! I also want to start blogging so not only I can look back, but some the boys can look back at what our life was all about! I dont care how many people read this or if anyone reads it. I just want to start writing so I will never forget how thankful I am for the life I have! So this is my pledge to start today!!!!! I'm sorry if this doesnt not make any sense lol but it does to me!
There will be more pics of our trip later but my camera died and I had to buy a disposeable!!! I'm sure you are wondering where Cody and I went. Well Cody was a baseball coach this summer and a kid on the team parents invited us to go up the their cabin in Westcliffe CO. We had never hung out with them, but they left their kids at home and we left ours. It was a little crazy knowing we were going to hang out with people that were the same age as my parents! Mike and Katie made us feel right home and it was like we were a part of their family! We had a blast on the jetski's all weekend! We made new friends for life, they even showed us were the key is so we can go up to the cabin anytime!

Monday, April 6, 2009

A place to call home!

We got our very first apartment! It's so nice 2 bedrooms and 2 baths! We get to move in on Thursday. I can't even begin to tell everyone how happy it makes me to have our own place! Now if we could find some furniture, we will be good to go! We have been searching our butts off, we need washer/dryer, couch, and kitchen table!!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhh Cody is cheap so this will take some work! lol Also do I pick comcast or quest, I can't make up my mind?!?!?!? I just have to keep reminding myself that when I moved to GA to be with Cody we had nothing, then when I left I had a house full of stuff! I think it will just take some time, but I just thankful that we have a roof over our heads!!!! I better get to bed so I can be all rested for tomorrow...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A plan maybe ?!?!??!

So we have been looking for some where to live the last couple days! Today we found a great apartment! 2 Bedrooms 2 Baths! We will only do a 4 month lease, then go from there hopefully we can look for a house then!We will make the decision on Monday!

Then Cody tested with Adams County Sheriffs Office last week. There were 250 guys and from those 250 they were only selecting 10! Those 10 are sent a background check in the mail. Guess what?!?! Cody got it!!! When he got checked the mail I was so happy I wanted to run around the house screaming, but I didn't want to look like a dork! ha ha So he is part of the 10 and from the 10 they will choose 5!!!! We are so excited, keep us in your prayers!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Swing of Things

So it's been a week or so, maybe two! Ha Ha, you can tell that Cody is back I spend less time on the computer. So we spent the first week of Cody being back, trying to get back into the swing of things! I was so used to doing everything alone, now he is here to help! For good this time!

March 14th
First we went to the St. Patricks Day parade down town! It was cold until the sun came up more, then it was hot, and then really long! We had lots of fun though.

March 18th
Then the boys got a little stomach bug. We were not going to go to the Dr. until Carson's fever jumped to 102. Then Carter fell and hit his head on the back patio. So we called and got right in!

March 19th
Our good Friends Christine and Richie had their little girl her name is Mckenna. She weighed 7lbs 14oz!

March 20th
We went down to the Cheyenne Mtn zoo in Colorado Springs! We had tons of fun feeding the Giraffes!

March 22nd
We played at the park!
March 23rd
Cody took the writen test for Adams County Sherrifs Office. He thinks he only missed one question :) Smarty pants!
Cody took the Physical part of the test and tied for 1st place on the run, and completed all of the other requirements! I am so proud of him! 250 people applied and they are only taking 10 of those to do a background check and then they will only choose 5 in the end! Yikes we need everyone to pray for us! We will let you know, if he gets the background check part!

Ps the boys learned how to drink out of a straw yesterday. For some reason this made me really happy!


Cody and I wanted to start this (mostly me) so, that our Family and Friends could keep up to date, with the things going on in our lives! We know some things are always changing in our life, moving not moving, get out of the Army, staying in the Army! Ughhhhh will we ever make up our minds? Now you will know how to keep up!

Brianna and her life as Mommy

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I love staying home with the boys! Our days are filled with walks to the park, playing in the back yard, learning to eat, and double the poopy diapers! I love it though and I'm so thankful that Cody works so hard so I can do it! Cody is the love of my life and the guy who keeps my feet on the ground! He is the Cheese to my Macaroni!


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Their 1st Christmas

Their 1st Christmas
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