Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm back!

I have not blogged for sooooo long. I must do this more!
So yesterday Cody and I decided to tackle the playroom it was a huge mess.
Here is the before!

I promise we don't live like this, the boys just dumped everything out, and then Cody was looking for some thing and made a bigger mess!
Here is the after,

While we were cleaning I could not find Carter and I later found him here...

So my next project is to go through the boys clothes! Take a look at what my lovely guest bedroom looks like!

I will show you after pics later!!!

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Cody and I wanted to start this (mostly me) so, that our Family and Friends could keep up to date, with the things going on in our lives! We know some things are always changing in our life, moving not moving, get out of the Army, staying in the Army! Ughhhhh will we ever make up our minds? Now you will know how to keep up!

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I love staying home with the boys! Our days are filled with walks to the park, playing in the back yard, learning to eat, and double the poopy diapers! I love it though and I'm so thankful that Cody works so hard so I can do it! Cody is the love of my life and the guy who keeps my feet on the ground! He is the Cheese to my Macaroni!


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Their 1st Christmas

Their 1st Christmas
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